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The Democratization of Space

Saber Astronautics is a space engineering company specialising in satellite mission operations. We’ve been around a while now, our global reputation is one of precision, innovation and commitment to the growth of the space industry. Saber launched the next generation Mission Control Center “Responsive Space Operations Center” (RSOC) program with sites in Australia and the USA.

Saber believes our future is among the stars so our goal is to democratise space and make it accessible to everyone. To facilitate our goals, the open dynamic culture at Saber means that an undergraduate can speak up alongside a 20 year industry veteran.

Saber is committed to the most cutting edge technology, and staying at the forefront of our field with a continuous process of invention and discovery.

Why Work at Saber

Saber is a diverse and inclusive workplace full of passionate, creative and dedicated people. Some great feedback we’ve received includes:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Challenging and meaningful innovative work
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Teamwork
  • Opportunity to explore and learn
  • Friendly and respectful environment
  • Inspirational culture
  • Very good life-work balance
  • Team building activities
  • Opportunities for personal growth and career development

Our core values are:

  • Be yourself, enjoy your job and treat others with respect
  • Work to standard, not to time
  • Embrace academic rigour
  • Embrace artistic excellence
  • Embrace experimentation
  • Integrity above self

Our people are our power and we make sure they are enjoying a great working environment.

The Opportunity

Saber Astronautics is expanding rapidly, alongside a booming space industry. Take the opportunity to make your impact today! We’re looking to hire a Full Stack Developer. You’ll be working with some of the best and brightest in the space industry, no ideas are too big, no jobs too small. See your ideas come to life!

You’ll work in leafy Chippendale, public transport within a 5 minute walk, quick access to restaurants and cafes in Chippendale, Central Park and Spice Alley, with a bakery/cafe making famous sourdough and coffee just seconds away from our front door. We encourage a healthy work-life balance, facilitated by our flexible working arrangements and supportive working relationships.

We encourage anyone who is interested and passionate to apply to see how they can join the space industry and make an impact.

The Role

A Full Stack Developer at Saber Astronautics works within a continuous integration and testing framework to improve infrastructure reliability. This role will allow the successful applicant to grow their career in the direction they want to go at Saber Astronautics. You can specialise in full stack development, improve your front end skills, diversify into DevOps and/or learn about the space sector and space technologies. You will be responsible for maintaining databases, management portals, dashboards and space monitoring sites. Working with modern frameworks and new libraries, you won’t be limited to out-dated software and will be able to explore new options to solve new problems.

Reporting to the Head of Infrastructure, you will be a key member of the team in delivering the web based space solutions and information to the space industry.


A mixture of static and dynamic content will be required to be utilised depending on the individual project being worked upon. You will be required to implement UI/UX workflows and improve the experience of using Saber’s front facing websites.

This role requires Python skills as essential, with front end web development experience preferred. Desired additional skills include familiarity with web frameworks such as Flask and/or FastAPI for API development, along with an understanding of (AWS) microservices server architecture.

Purely back-end Python developers will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the requirements adjusted as necessary.

Due to the secure nature of the work you may be required to perform, you must be an Australian citizen. Non-negotiable. PR and work visas are not able to be hired for this position


  • Python coding experience essential
  • Flask/FastAPI/Django or other Python web framework experience
  • SQL database experience, preferred experience with SQLalchemy and alembic
  • CDN/Load balancer experience (AWS and/or Azure stack preferred, such as ALBs, Cloudfront, API Gateway, etc)
  • Experience working with Linux


  • Experience working with web applications at scale
  • Experience with React, Angular or Vue.js for responsive front end pages (React preferred)
  • Familiar with Pulumi (ideally), Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet or other Infrastructure as Code tooling
  • HTML, CSS, JS, Typescript
  • Experience working with Gatsby and Jamstack
  • Familiar with CI/CD and/or DevOps work environment
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Micro-service development experience
  • Experience developing with Python and/or Flask/FastAPI and REST API architectures


  • Certification or degree in computer science/software engineering and/or:
  • 1-3 years work experience required if not degree qualified.
  • 2-5 years professional experience.
  • Available for immediate start.
  • AWS Developer certified preferred – Additional AWS certifications highly regarded
  • Good relationship and team player skills

Desired Characteristics

  • Have a keen interest in space.
  • Must be detail-oriented self-starter and the ability to remain professional.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to interface with multiple departments and clients.
  • Conducts self in an appropriate manner and values consistent with Saber Astronautics

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