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Within the Aubes de Turbines foundry, your missions will consist of:

  • Carrying out firings on 2 radio cabins: preparation and adjustments of the firing machines according to the procedures, carrying out 1st level maintenance, carrying out the firings, diagnosing faults, links with the maintenance of the means / process methods,
  • Analyze the digital images on the expertise station by informing the information system on the decisions taken, the defects observed, … by following the work instructions
  • Sanction the part: compliant or improper. In the event of non-compliance, examine the anomaly declaration file or complete the waiver request
  • Receive advice or supervision from COSAC level 2 or 3 agents in this method when necessary.
  • Being able to understand and apply the instructions written in the technique/method for which he is certified.
  • Periodically measure the compliance of his workstation
  • Propose improvements

Job Requirements

  • You have experience in material control and you know how to be rigorous.
    Endowed with a real sense of expertise, you are already COSAC certified (N1) or have the potential to become one.
  • Metallurgical knowledge is a plus.

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