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Within the “Control Electronics” Service of the “Electronics” Department, in a highly internationalized context (Power sites in France and abroad, partnerships, customers, subcontractors), you will participate in the design and development of boards / product control equipment (smart motors, motor control converter, network converters, electrical distribution and battery) integrated in severe environments (thermal, vibration, EMC.) for R&D, R&T programs or for Responses to Call for Tenders (RAO).

You will ensure the technical follow-up of the development of one or more electronic sub-assemblies of our products, on the phases of definition, design, development, verification, support for product integration in accordance with the applicable plans,
qualification support.

The activities associated with your mission will be more particularly:

  • Participate in the definition of the functional and physical architectures of
    the electronic sub-assemblies with the product architects and the possible industrial partners (customer or supplier).
  • Structure and formalize the design requirements of the electronic sub-assemblies,
    write the specifications of the electronic sub-assemblies as well as the design justification documents
    – Design in detail the electronic hardware functions (analog and
    digital) of the product,
  • Optimize the solutions with respect to functional, environmental and
    of industrialization.
  • Take into account the design with objective cost and mass.
  • Ensure the follow-up of the routing and the manufacturing of the electronic cards/prototypes with the Industrialization service
  • Write the test procedures and carry out or follow the tests of development of the electronic sub-assemblies
  • Functional integration Hardware / Software / Firmware
  • Verification maps with regard to specifications
  • Support for environmental qualification tests
  • Participate in development compliance reviews
  • Ensure compliance of its work with performance, quality and completion time criteria.
  • Manage your developments in configuration and ensure the processing of changes, corrections of the parts for which you are responsible.
  • Appropriate the business processes, the logic of development of project activities and ensure the keeping of indicators and the reporting of progress to the technical manager and your manager

Complementary Description

  • Holder of an engineering degree in Electronics, you justify an experience of at least 5 years in the development of electronic cards / equipment, ideally acquired in aeronautics. During this experience, you were able to develop real knowledge of analog and digital electronics (control architectures based on microcontrollers/FPGAs, communication buses, components, etc.).
  • Rigorous, organized, curious and proactive, you aspire to work on new technologies for which you need to demonstrate technical creativity. Dynamic and with a taste for teamwork, you know how to adapt to new situations.

Job Requirements

  • Engineering school or equivalent university

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