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Within the Forge division of the Center of Excellence Industrial Compressors, Chambers and Structures of Evry-Corbeil, the design office in charge of compressor blades wishes to integrate a mechanical engineer within its unit.

Your main missions will be to carry out mechanical studies (dynamic analysis/fatigue/finite element calculation, resistance of materials or analysis) and to manage the associated subcontracting. You also ensure reporting at the right level to monitor activities and raise the necessary alerts.

Production support activities:

  • Processing of technical events related to the production of parts in accordance with functional and certification requirements as well as supply chain and quality needs
  • Create or develop the technical bases of criteria for the treatment of recurring situations
  • Ensure the good progress of the activities of change to the technical definition related to the reductions of quality events or production improvements.
  • Accompany the rise in maturity of new suppliers or new industrializations on the technical level in connection with the pilots of industrialization and quality.
    In-service support activities:
  • Respond to the needs and questions of the fleet support teams for the mechanical aspect.
  • Participate and produce the mechanical justifications necessary for the validation of new criteria in service or repair of parts.

Design activities

  • Participate in the rise in maturity of new projects or technologies on the blades
  • Support the mechanical analyzes related to new studies or evolution of the design

Complementary Description

  • Position with strong interaction with the various sectors of the technical and industrial management, aerodynamic design offices, Materials, methods offices, parts suppliers, etc.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate of a Bac + 5 type Mechanical Engineer or Generalist or University. You have knowledge of the mechanical dimensioning of structures (static and dynamic mechanical analyses, finite element calculations)
  • Mechanical knowledge applied to the dimensioning of turbojet engines.
  • Knowledge of the behavior of metallic materials.
  • Ability to work in a team within a matrix organization.

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