Physical modeling and inertial sensor testing engineer

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Within the Inertial Modules Center of Excellence, you are a design engineer in physical modeling and testing related to the development of inertial sensors.

Inertial sensors are latest generation accelerometers and gyrometers/gyroscopes. These sensors are technological bricks integrated into numerous Safran Electronics & Defense equipment.

These innovative products are used for various navigation / geolocation / guidance missions. The applications are numerous: air, land, sea but also space.

You will evolve in a high-tech environment where permanent interaction with our many experts and the wealth of equipment available promotes innovation.

Immersed in the heart of the development of new SAFRAN products, you are involved in the entire life cycle of the products concerned.

As such, your main missions are:

  • Carrying out bibliographic studies/analysis (architecture, materials, process)
  • Physical design studies (architecture, packaging, surface treatments, processes),
  • Support for modeling and multiphysical simulations of the sensor,
  • Development of tests on prototypes
  • Carrying out of analyses/tests/expertise (first-level electronic/automatic analyses, but also physico-chemical analyses)
  • Business capitalization activities (Knowledge Management)

Job Requirements

  • Holder of a BAC +5 or a Doctorate, with a mechatronics component, you are comfortable with a wide spectrum of skills (mechanical, automatic, materials) and you demonstrate real versatility between theoretical approaches and implementation. practical work.
  • Proven experience in electronics (analog and digital), with mastery of basic functions (active and passive systems) and ability to manipulate labs (understanding of diagrams and implementation of measurement chains) will be a real plus to facilitate understanding of product architectures.

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