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Within the Systems and Equipment Division of Safran Landing Systems, and attached to the Systems Department, your missions will be as follows:

You will join the Technical Department of the Equipment Division which develops lander control/command systems.

The various V&V activities carried out within the department are as follows:

  • Avionics validation tests:
    • Closed loop tests carried out on a deferred time simulation test environment
  • Avionics / system verification tests:
    • Closed loop tests carried out on an avionics test bench with real computer
  • System verification tests: closed-loop tests carried out on an avionics test bench with real computers connected to models (hydraulic actuation systems) or real equipment (electric actuation systems).
  • High level software tests (High Level Requirement):
    • Open loop tests carried out by offshore subcontracting (on certain programs only)
  • Establishment of verification files with regard to the different corresponding levels.

Your missions will be as follows

  • Define the development test plan and the impact on technical risks.
  • Provide continuous feedback to the teams in charge of product and system development.
  • Analyze the impact of product and system changes on development testing activity.

As such, your roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Establish with the product engineers and the System Engineer the Verification & Validation plan
  • Prepare the V&V actions of the program
  • Contribute to the identification of technical risks
  • Participate in the preparation of quotes for the trade

Job Requirements

  • With a Bac+5 training, you have significant experience in the field of validation and verification of embedded systems.

Tagged as: system verification, identification of technical risks

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