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Warehouse manager for workshop tooling and logistics operation of tools.

Design and analysis of operational solutions for projects such as transportation optimization, distribution network modeling, process and method analysis, cost reduction, transportation route optimization and warehouse management ensuring compliance with trade regulations, international treaties and Law applicable to foreign trade, IMMEX Program and VAT-IEPS, OAS and CTPAT certifications.

Lead and coordinate the continuous improvement of the company’s logistics processes (workflows, storage, packaging, shipping, customs, etc.) to improve the quality of service for customers. Identify and support logistics support requirements, such as facility details, staffing needs, or security or maintenance plans.

Complementary Description

  • Supervise warehouse operations, such as picking, packing, kitting and delivery to internal customers, ensuring that objectives are met with best practices.
  • Develop specifications for equipment, tools, facility layouts, or material handling systems. Use of technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), radio frequency identification (RFID), route navigation software or satellite link systems, WMS, ERP and TMS to improve logistics efficiency.
  • Inventory management, Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System and strategies to maximize logistics efficiency and distribution centers. Contribute to the drafting of technical specifications, definition of the process digitization plan, dispute management, related to carriers, warehouses and customs, database management, implementation of action plans, analysis of technical developments and reviews of the effectiveness of processes.
  • Ensure the availability and supply of tools according to stock, loans, maintenance programs, support and functionality validations.
  • Coordinate and contribute to the continuous improvement of logistics operations: develop performance improvement plans, coordinate and deliver projects (internal and external), supervision and cooperation with IT projects for logistics, etc.
  • Implement and monitor and analyze KPIs and data analysis tools.

Job Requirements

  • Logistics, transportation, customs processes, Mexican legislation related to foreign trade.
  • IMMEX program, AEO and C-TPAT certifications.
  • IT tools and systems (ERP SAP) and Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Storage and inventories.
  • Flow analysis methods, Lean-Sigma, cross-functional project management
  • Good knowledge and understanding of MRP2 principles and Information System Data Analysis.

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