Satellite Electrical Engineer

Company Details

Astroscale is the first private company with a vision to secure the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations, and the only company solely dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits.


  • Design and Develop electrical equipment’s & components (with some equipment’s and components having MPU, or Micro Processing Units).
  • Design and analysis of electrical and electronic equipment (interface and specification).
  • Manage electrical equipment related budgets and resource range for mass, power, data storage etc.
  • Design electrical system harnesses for satellites including but not limited to harness connection design and harness routing design.
  • Coordinate with subsystem engineers regarding electrical connections for harness design.
  • Coordinate with subsystem and system designers.
  • Generate specifications for electrical equipment components and harnesses.
  • Plan, prepare and conduct electrical tests of components and subsystems.
  • Conduct component-level environmental test such as vibration, thermal vacuum/cycle, and electrical tests.
  • Conduct interface verification tests with other subsystems.
  • Evaluate and review test results.
  • Coordinate with equipment and component vendors and manufacturers.
  • Coordinate technical interface with cable suppliers regarding cable specifications.
  • Manage ICDs (Interface Control Documents) of satellite subsystems and components for harness design.
  • Design and procure test harnesses for conducting electrical tests, including subsystem tests.

Essential Skills

  • Minimum 6+ years of experience working as a electrical design engineer.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical system engineering such as satellite electronics system, car electronics system, medical electronics system, etc.
  • Knowledge of cables, harnessing, and connectors such as satellite harness, car harness, medical electronics harness, business machine harness etc.
  • Basic Knowledge of mechanical engineering.
  • Experience in one of the following:
    • Digital signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
    • Analog signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
    • Mixed signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
    • Basic knowledge of embedded software engineering.
  • Able to identify problems, perform root cause analysis, and implement solutions.
  • English language capability TOEIC 600+.
  • Near native level Japanese skill.

Desired Skills

  • Experience in developing onboard satellite electrical equipment including MPU.
  • Knowledge of FMEA (Failure Mechanism and Effects Analysis)/FTA (Failure Tree Analysis).
  • Experience of using SPICE and Scilab.
  • Knowledge of MIL standards (United States Military Standard) and ESA standards (European Space Agency Standard), especially MIL cable specifications and derating criteria.
  • Basic knowledge of EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility).

Export Control Laws

Unless explicitly notified otherwise, our vacancies are covered by Export Control Laws which require candidates to be from an “Export Safe” Country as deemed by the Japanese Government.

The countries are as follows:

Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Italy, USA, France, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Ireland, Czech, Spain, Greece Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark Hungary and Poland.

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