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Loft Orbital - Affordable and reliable access to space infrastructure. Space missions today remain complex, costly, and prone to delay. Loft Orbital is changing that. We fly your payload or technology as a service, charging an annual fee in a pay-for-performance model. We manage all aspects of the mission needed to get your payload to orbit and support it once there. Space should be simple.

As a core member of our satellite operations team, you will have the unique opportunity to directly control satellites that collect mission-critical data feeds for our customers.
Loft Orbital is pioneering a new framework for operating satellites at scale. You will help us develop powerful software to autonomously operate a fleet of satellites carrying multiple sensors onboard.
You will also be leading the development of several critical tools that accurately simulate the behavior of spacecraft once in orbit.

Role Requirements

  • Must be scrappy and inventive: what you will be building has never been done before.
  • Be prepared to be challenged and sometimes work out of your comfort zone.
  • Enjoy working collaboratively on a small team and building large chunks of a system.
  • Willingness to be accountable, autonomous, and take full ownership of projects.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Relevant technical education to at least Bachelor’s degree;
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in satellite operations, or related field;
  • Thorough understanding of spacecraft onboard architectures;
  • Experience in process automation, from design to development;
  • Highly confortable with typical Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) concepts;
  • Solid mathematical knowledge (linear algebra, geometry);


  • Advanced programming abilities in Python and C++;
  • Proficiency in code testing and analysis;
  • Thorough understanding of APIs and database systems (relational and document-oriented);
  • Container technology (Docker, Kubernetes);


  • Comfortable working in a Linux environment.
  • Experience using version control systems (Git).
  • Familiar with continuously integrated (CI) flows.
  • Attention to detail and procedural discipline.


  • Experience with orbit and attitude determination/prediction techniques.
  • Familiarity with spacecraft simulation.
  • Skills related to mathematical optimization problem solving.
  • Experience using cloud computing services (Google Cloud, AWS).

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