Data Scientist

Company Details

SatSure is a deep tech, decision intelligence company. We leverage advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning, big data analytics and cloud computing to create products and solutions which help enterprises and their people make smart decisions.

Job Description

What you will do:
– Employ remote sensing theories and technologies in developing state of the art industrial products
– Process and generate insights from large vector and raster datasets.
– Carry out research activities on different sectors that can take advantage of space based insights in infrastructure domain.
– Work with the Remote Sensing and Engineering team to push solutions into production workflows.


Educational Qualifications: Bachelors/Masters in either Mathematics, Computer  Science, Data Science or other relevant field
Experience: 2-3 years
Domain Knowledge: Strong in statistics, probability and calculus; Knowledge of remote sensing data and models; Hands on experience of working with deep learning/machine learning models in the domain of image processing; Experience post-processing various satellite imagery sources as well as working with surface reflectance products.
Technical Skills: 3+ years proficiency in python (R optional),
– hands on experience in in Machine Learning /Deep Learning frameworks,
– expertise in deploying scalable production models
– Familiarity with raster datasets and GIS vector datasets.
– Knowledge of GDAL and other Geospatial python libraries, and
– experience with open-source GIS tools such as QGIS.
Soft Skills: Strong communication skills, strong interest in learning and researching, ability to deliver on timelines
Special Skills:
– Knowledge of data visualization tools
– previous projects undertaken in the Agriculture sector.
Optional: Knowledge of computer vision techniques
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