ML Engineer

Company Details

SatSure is a deep tech, decision intelligence company. We leverage advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning, big data analytics and cloud computing to create products and solutions which help enterprises and their people make smart decisions.

Job Description

What you will do:
  • Optimizing the data science solution using data engineering concepts such as optimized data storage, retrieval, Object Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Understanding and automating the training and testing of the data science model.
  • Implementing the solutions both on cloud infrastructure and local hardwares.
  • Versioning and monitoring deployed models regularly.
  • Understanding and automating the training, testing and deployment-at-scale of the data science model.
  • Versioning and monitoring deployed models regularly.
  • Deployment of models to both web based platforms and edge devices if necessary.
  • Utilize benchmarks, metrics, and monitoring to measure and improve services.


Educational Qualifications: Bachelors/Masters in or Computer Science or any relevant field
Experience: 2-3 years
Domain Knowledge:  Working knowledge of machine learning concepts
Technical Skills:
  • 3+ years programming in at least one of the language python, C, C++ (Preferably Python),
  • hands-on knowledge of Machine Learning /Deep Learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Cagger, Keras and Pytorch
  • Hands on experience in optimization techniques such as Multithreading, Multiprocessing, OpenMPI, MPI4Py, Cuda Programming, AMD ROCm, Numba.
Soft Skills:
  • Strong communication skills, strong interest in learning and researching,
  • Ability to deliver on timelines, Ability to work with cross-functional and remote teams.
Special Skills(optional):
  • data visualization tools,
  • cloud services (AWS and Azure),
  • Git and version control
Candidates Preferred Qualifications:
Relevant experience in Cython, Rasterio Concurrency, Torch, JIT compilation, Advanced CUDA Libraries, OpenCL, Embedded Architecture, Logic Design, Memory, power and time based resource management of hardware, with compulsory experience in the skills from basic qualifications.
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