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SES is the world-leading satellite operator. It provides reliable and secure satellite and ground communications solutions. We push for breakthroughs in connectivity and their impact for people worldwide.


The Systems Modelling & Simulation team is responsible to build, maintain and deploy a toolbox that allows for data-driven decision making regarding the market, product and architecture fit of future satellite communication infrastructure at SES. This toolbox is instrumental to make the best decisions in how to build future satellite infrastructure at SES.

SES serves thousands of aircraft, hundreds of ships and many more stationary sites across the globe. We build traffic models to predict where they will be and how they consume content in the future. Then we evaluate potential network architectures & product definitions that serve these markets best to guide our decisions on how to build out our network.

You are responsible for developing and deploying the toolbox on the cloud. Part of the job will be to advise on software architecture choices as the toolbox evolves. This position requires a wide skillset from software architecture, front-end & back-end development to cloud infrastructure setup. Any experience with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) of databases and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) will be advantageous.


  • Build software applications to make generation & evaluation of traffic models easy, fast and repeatable
  • Back-end development with focus on Python – sometimes quick & dirty is the way, other times we need to optimize for computational speed & efficiency.
  • Software architecture & cloud infrastructure (Azure, Kubernetes, Containerization, Databases) – Everything we do is cloud native
  • Front-end development with experience in Angular and/or React – User experience mindset
  • Maintain large datasets (ETL) of the respective traffic models covering the mobility, government and fixed data segments and make them accessible throughout the organization
  • Transform large raw data sets into insights using interactive visualizations


  • Teamwork. Everything we do is with the team. Introvert/Extrovert we like you all, but you do need to work well with other people!
  • Curious – You don’t know everything (and do not claim to either), but you want to know more. It’s a fascinating world
  • Dare to speak up – You have opinions and should not be afraid of articulating them


  • Bachelor/Master’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science, Mathematics, Aerospace, Electrical, Telecommunications) or any related discipline
  • < 5 years of experience with building end-to-end software solutions
  • Full-stack software – Python, Javascript (React/Angular), database management (SQL, ElasticSearch). You can have preference/expertise in a piece of the stack, but able & willing to work across the stack
  • Cloud infrastructure (Azure, Kubernetes, Containerization) – Everything we do is cloud native
  • Data science practices (Statistics, Machine Learning, Cleaning, Extracting, Transforming, Loading data), sometimes a GroupBy() function is sufficient, other times we will want the predictive power that machine learning can bring
  • GIS. Most of the functionality of the toolbox is dealing with geospatial & temporal operations
  • Data visualization of geotemporal datasets (Python visualization libraries, Kibana, Cesium,, Google Earth) – “A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Experience handling large datasets and obtaining insights through visualizations
  • Fluency in English, any other language considered as an asset


  • Occasional travel required (<10% of time)

SES is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer

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