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Primary responsibilities

  • Be responsible for a safe and efficient co-location and/or station-keeping of the SES GEO and MEO satellites, while minimizing propellant usage, satisfying satellite constraints and avoiding risk of collision between SES co-located satellites:Orbit determination
  • Maneuver planning and computation
  • Momentum management
  • Maneuver performance analysis and calibration
  • Manage the appropriate actions in case of large unexpected orbit perturbations or maneuver execution/ performance issues and provide on-call support in consequence
  • Perform conjunction analysis, interface with external organization (e.g. US Air Force, satellite operators) and plan corrective maneuvers in case of close approach with another satellite or debris
  • Determine and maximize satellite propellant lifetime of SES satellites
  • Provide orbit and related events predictions information to internal sections, external organizations and customers
  • For satellite launches, review and challenge the mission design, shadow the implementation and lead the maneuver planning during the in-orbit test phase
  • Design and implement satellite re-locations to meet SES business needs, while ensuring safe separation with other satellites
  • Collaborate with Satellite Engineering to investigate satellite anomalies related to attitude control and propulsion systems
  • Design, develop and test software in the orbital and satellite control fields to carry out and support all the above

Qualifications & Experience

  • Master’s degree in physics, mathematics or engineering
  • In-depth knowledge in the following fields: astrodynamics, tracking systems, orbit estimation methods, orbital control of GEO and MEO satellites
  • Have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of satellite sub-systems
  • Capable to autonomously solve and model problems in mathematical and physics fields
  • Understanding of numerical analysis and scientific software development
  • Experience in Python software development required, any additional programming language is an asset
  • Linux/Unix environment and GIT version control is preferred
  • Experience in graphical user interface development or test automation is preferred. We use PyQt5 and Froglogic’s Squish
  • Previous experience with orbital and satellite control software development is considered an asset
  • Good negotiation and persuasion skills with internal stakeholders and good overall communication skills
  • Critical thinker, able to provide constructive feedback to improve processes, procedures and tools

Other key requirements / comments

Key Performance Indicators

  • Satellites within station-keeping box
  • Propellant life optimization
  • Accurate propellant lifetime estimation
  • Minimize risk of collision and interference with other satellites or debris
  • Accurate orbital information to customers
  • Reliable and efficient software that meets user and business requirements


  • Collaborate very closely with SES Satellite Control Centers, Ground Infrastructure, Space Engineering, Software Engineering and Customer services departments who support satellite operations, as well as with Frequency Coordination for re-locations.
  • Provide satellite propellant lifetime analysis to internal stakeholders as well as to Insurance Underwriters
  • Interface with US/NORAD and other satellite operators to minimize risk of collision with debris and other satellites
  • Interface with Satellite Manufacturer during software upgrade, satellite procurement and LEOP phase

What’s In It For You:

  • Flexible working policy
  • Bonus and equity plans
  • Comprehensive and competitive benefits plan
  • A range of wellness activities and employee assistance programs
  • An employer that values all aspects of Diversity and respects every individual’s story

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