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SITAEL offers turn-key solutions to its customers, facilitating the access to space services and applications through Smart Microsatellite Solutions. The in-house Design and Production of Small Satellites, the leading position in the Electric Propulsion, the use of cost-effective launchers for Low Earth Orbit missions are some of the ingredients to reduce the costs of access to space. Going through all the phases of mission analysis and budget definition, SITAEL helps its Customers to make the right choices for their applications, always driven by a best value over cost criterion.


The Hardware Design Engineer is responsible to design hardware for space applications, in accordance to customer requirements and applicable standards (such as ECSS), supported by analysis (for instance PSA, WCA, FMEA, thermal-structure, etc). The design activity has to be conducted in multidisciplinary team in a scenario where requirements are all closely related to each other and technical compromises have to be readily identified.



  • Hardware Design (DC/DC converter design, Power Supply System design, Power electronics design, Interfaces with Spacecraft subsystems, Hardware Design with digital components such as microcontroller, FPGA, ADC, DAC, etc, FMEA/PSA/WCA analysis;
  • Bill of Material for space applications definition in accordance with customer requirements, internal/external standards;
  • Component selection based on application requirements;
  • Electrical analysis conduction to support the designing phase and to support other analysis such as thermal-structural analysis;
  • Functional Breadboard and Engineering Model Test and report;
  • Writing technical documentation.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in electrical/electronic engineering or physics;
  • Experience in one or more activities listed above;
  • Knowledge on design methodologies for space applications (design documentation, design analysis, etc.) and ECSS standards is preferred;
  • Knowledge in measurement and control systems;
  • Development/simulation tools such as Orcad/Spice/LTSpice (or similar).


Only applications for the Mola di Bari office will be taken into consideration

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