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The Production Manager, reporting to Chief Operating Officer, demonstrates accountability for functional, business, and broad company objectives. In this role you will integrate and develop processes that meet business needs across the organization, manage complex issues within functional areas of expertise, be involved in long-term planning, and contribute to the overall business strategy. The Production Manager is the visible and active leader of the facility, promoting a favorable and productive environment for all employees and is responsible for leading daily Manufacturing functions.


  • Provide total group leadership in the attainment of goals with respect to safety, quality, cost, production and compliance.
  • Direct process / product improvement programs and provide process method excellence throughout the organization
  • Lead group to achieving goals in asset utilization, process / manufacturing loss improvement, delivered quality and cost reduction
  • Ensure communication of key business / customer issues to employees
  • Direct the manufacturing of production and development of general aviation aircraft
  • Responsible for meeting all established cost, quality, and delivery commitments
  • Ensure employees are aware/comply with all Blackshape applicable policies, procedures, rules and applicable business regulations (EASA PART 21 G in particular)
  • Pursue state of the art technology and processes to enhance product / process producibility and delivered quality requirements
  • Select, hire, train, develop, and provide ongoing leadership and direction of assigned personnel
  • Interface with other organizations and vendors to assure requirements are met on time
  • Implement the Manufacturing plans, utilizing processes that will assure highest possible quality products at the lowest possible cost, delivered in accordance to schedule commitments
  • Develop necessary business plans to enhance all program requirements, including throughout, labor hours, cycle, cost producibility, and image
  • Structure assigned organization and staff positions with personnel to accomplish business objectives
  • Provide ongoing supervision and counseling for employees, guiding them in current positions and assisting with career development and training


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or Italian technical diploma
  • At least 5 additional years of experience in Aviation Business manufacturing

Desired Characteristics

  • Prior experience in aviation production management is preferred
  • Knowledge of composite manufacturing
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Ability to lead teams through example
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of the disciplines of manufacturing management such as production and inventory control, and standard cost systems

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