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Sky360 - open source citizen science sky observation project

Frontend developer 

Neo4j database
Familiarity (or at least not afraid) with sending/receiving data via ROS2 and REST API

Building a program in JavaScript that accepts video images (frame by frame), displays the frames as a real-time video – will have to create a new ‘media player’ in JavaScript/HTML5 that displays each frame of a video in a first in/first out basis.
Building another program that allows for search of a series of frames (a video) and viewing as a video, and allows for rewinding, fast forwarding, pause, playing one frame at a time. This program will call frames from Neo4j database when ‘replaying’ stored images.
Create a containerized system to utilize various docker containers and organize it under docker-compose.

We assume you’re willing to learn new skills to improve and add value to the product.


Why you should join our R&D efforts?
Sky360 is a citizen science endeavor to develop hard- and software for a comprehensive, yet low cost, sky observation platform. The people working in research and development are community members, who are professionals in their fields of software development, electronics engineering, structural engineering, astronomy, climatology etc. We all contribute our skills and knowledge to create a rigid and precise sensor platform for 24/7 sky situation awareness.

Development Teams
The workload is distributed over 8 teams:
All Sky Cam – 5 subteams
– firmware in RUST, fxload for immediate upload
– image processing (reduced aperture, dynamic exposure)
– motion detection, kinematics classification, AI identification
– simulation and optimization
– hardware (cooled astrocam, 300-1.100nm, 60/3.5mm fisheye optic)

Pan Tilt Zoom – 4 subteams
– firmware in RUST, fxload for immediate upload
– Bt³s (vectoring ahead and guiding)
– image processing (reduced aperture, dynamic exposure)
– motion detection, AI identification
– hardware (scope, cooled astrocam, rig, motor controllers, electronics)

(server, frontend, external sources)

Climate Control – 2 subteams
– software (controlling fans and Peltiers)
– hardware (closed loop with Peltier elements and fans)

Master Control Program
(database, data merging, vectoring, priorization, archive management)

Passive Radar
(omnidirectional antennae and guided dish)

ADS-B, L-Band
(researching the 1.6GHz conundrum)

(outdoor housing for the Sky360 equipment)

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