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Commercial Satellite Imagery Made Accessible


At SkyWatch, we believe that everyone on the planet should benefit from the thousands of satellites that orbit the earth. We are building a platform to put the world’s Earth observation data in one place — a simple API any developer can use. Our team of extraordinarily talented people has built a cutting-edge microservices platform on a serverless stack, and we’re growing fast.

About the role and where do you fit? Great question!


  • You enjoy being a player and a coach who is positive, supportive, trusting, and focused. You love helping people reach their potential.
  • You have the ability to solve problems, not just complete tasks. You are an artist and a craftsperson, not an assembly line worker. You empathize with those who use what you’ve built. You want to solve their problems.
  • You have strong technical chops, but can also describe technical things to non-technical people. You can tell a ten-year-old how an API works and not have them glaze over with boredom. Or a CEO. Or your significant other. OK, maybe not your significant other.
  • You have a diverse background. Volunteer as a Big Sister? Founded a Meetup? Love to paint? Play a sport? We love diversity and value how much it adds to our team.
  • You have a thirst for learning. We learn something every day. We find it intoxicating. If you’d rather master one thing and do that every day, this probably isn’t the role for you.
  • You have thoughtful opinions that you feel comfortable sharing. We have a culture that makes sharing opinions safe. If everyone in a meeting always thinks the same way, we have too many people in that meeting.
  • You have the ability to give more than you take. We have an incredible team. We want you to make it even better.


  • You are empathetic and believe in servant leadership.
  • You have a strong background in software development best practices and embrace a culture that values an extensive test strategy.
  • You have the ability to maximize resources and inspire. You see things as they are with a firm grasp on reality.
  • You have vision and can see a future version of things where they are better.
  • You’ve love building software and want to continue building applications with a hands-on approach.


  • You can bounce between Python and Java and love building high performing reliable, high performing applications (bonus points for familiarity with distributed systems)
  • You have experience with a broad range of geospatial and remote sensing technologies (such as GDAL or SNAP) and know how to create a normalized difference vegetation index.
  • You believe in pragmatic ML and AI, and realize the model isn’t the product, but a way to make the product better.
  • You can explain how a CNN works to a high school student.
  • You love math and can articulate the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning in your own words.
  • You understand the importance of code reviews and writing clean, maintainable code
  • You believe in automated testing and can explain why it’s so important
  • You’ve built software of some kind to solve a problem in your life outside of work.
  • You have extensive experience on AWS, and get excited about their new product announcements.
  • You’ve used git at the command line and have felt the pain of merge conflicts.
  • You’ve secured an application and can articulate the value of differing security levels.


9:00 am — you sign on, catch up on Slack, email, system status, and important metrics.

10:00 am — you participate in our daily stand-up, sharing what you did yesterday, what you plan on doing today, and if there are any roadblocks.

10:15 am — you pair-program with one of your teammates helping them push through a complex requirement.

12:00 pm — you get some fresh air or connect virtually with teammates for some social time.

1:00 pm — you put on the headphones and get dialed in to build a new microservice.

3:30 pm — happy with the code, you deploy to dev, and if tests pass, staging.

4:00 pm — you work together with other developers to lead a design session for a new feature, gathering thoughts, opinions, and lending your experience to the discussion.

5:00 pm — you wrap up unit tests, prep for deployment tomorrow, and disconnect for the day.


  • We offer a solid compensation package including a competitive salary, stock options, and a comprehensive benefits plan for you, and your family.
  • We have flexible work hours and flexible remote working options.
  • In normal times, our HQ is in Uptown Waterloo, at the Communitech Data Hub, where we are surrounded by other awesome startups focused on data, AI, machine learning, and IOT.

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