Space Dynamics and Systems Engineer

Company Details

We started Astrome with the vision of using space technology to make life better in developing countries.  After a bit of research, it was evident that the developing countries had low internet penetration which has resulted in disparity in opportunities and economic growth in urban and rural areas. We decided to fix this using satellites. Having experienced the power of internet in our own lives, we are convinced that internet can transform individuals and societies.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team. The job description is as follows.

Skills Required:

The candidate must have experience in the following:

  1. Strong mathematical background.
  2. Strong background in Orbital and Attitude Dynamics,
  3. Strong background in Probability and Estimation theory
  4. Understanding of system modeling techniques
  5. Knowledge about rigid body dynamics
  6. Hands-on experience working with sensors and actuators
  7. Hand-on experience implementing control algorithm
  8. Knowledge about various subsystems of satellite
  9. Hands-on experience designing one or more subsystem of a satellite
  10. Experience doing system trade-off studies
  11. Computational methods to simulate system models in Software
  12. Strong conceptual understanding of concepts in physics, electrical engineering, electronics engineering and astrodynamics

Additional Skills Required:

  1. Experience in using Matlab/Octave
  2. Good programming skills in C/C++ and/or Python

Experience Requirement:

The candidate must have a Master’s degree in Electrical/Electronics/Aerospace Engineering or allied fields.

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