Spacecraft RF Communications Engineer

Company Details

A Space Science and Technology Center in UAE, is looking to hire a communications engineer to support the development of space mission projects and R&D activities. Specifically:

  • The Software engineer must have an understanding of real time embedded systems and experience in specifying, developing and testing real time embedded software – for time critical real time applications, such as those applied to spacecraft, landers, rovers, UAVs and Robotics.
  • The position requires good coding skills such as C&C++ as well as modeling using High level modeling language (HML). An understanding of assembler (machine code programing) programing is required to allow the development of application programming interface (API) software.
  • The tasks also require the development of software wrappers and test benches as well as the generation of test vectors and code test and validation coverage analysis.
  • The role requires the ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team that will be engaged in the design and development of CubeSats and Small Spacecrafts.
  • As an engineer you will be asked to perform a variety of tasks related to the development of projects including (but not limited to) generating the embedded real time system and sub-system software requirements, collecting requirements from the various systems and sub-systems that define the function of the real time embedded system software, identify and perform trade studies between various real time operating systems suitable for space applications, support the team during the various stages of project developments including integration and environmental testing.
  • An understanding of micro-processor and DSP based embedded computers hardware and how the embedded software interacts with it. Model, estimate and measure the performance of the embedded software and estimate task completion time as well as required resources in terms of memory and processing performance to meet the required objectives.
  • Provide support during mission operations, including initial in-orbit functional validation and functional performance.
  • Ability to analyze problems and faults remotely when the Spacecraft is in orbit. Be able to support the generation of new software images and patches to be uploaded to the spacecraft when necessary.
  • Travel may be required – both domestic and international.
  • The position is located in Al Ain, UAE.
  • Compensation based on experience level.


  • BS or higher degree in Electronic and/or Electrical engineering, Computer Engineering / Science, Information technology, Physics, Mathematics, mechanical Engineering from an accredited institution

Technical Skills and Experience

  • Real time operating systems –for Embedded software – RTMES, …etc
  • Micro-controller critical task schedulers
  • Software architecture, and standards for reliable Space applications software.
  • Software development management – requirements generation, version control, task distribution, validation and verification.
  • Software budgetary requirements, memory size, performance requirements (in conjunction with target hardware).
  • Software critical path and critical timing analysis (in conjunction with Target hardware)
  • Using high level modelling languages to define, specify and generate software code as well as using it for Flight software validation.
  • Software languages: Assembler, C & C++, JAVA, Python…etc
  • Software Debugging and compliers
  • Debugging of Software on Target Hardware
  • Hardware specific Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Understanding of Embedded real time systems hardware and software.
  • Programing skills, relating to embedded real time systems (C&C++ is preferable, but other programing skills may also be considered)
  • High Level Modeling Languages, such as HML, MATLAB, …etc
  • Experience with Microsoft Products (Word, Excel)
  • Experience creating discipline-specific documents for fabrication and assembly


  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to take personal responsibility for projects and work independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Dedication to the project and the work at hand
  • Resourcefulness and creativity
  • Keen to learn and develop
  • Ability to document and annotate software product, manuals, test procedures and user instructions
  • Ability to function well in a team based environment
  • Ability with English language

Desired but not required:

  • Cleanroom experience
  • Ability with Arabic language
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