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The world’s first human intelligence platform.


Streetbees is building the world’s first platform for human intelligence. We make human data accessible, anywhere in the world by connecting brands with real people on the ground to gather real-time in-the-moment insights at scale. We distil these insights into clear actions for our clients using machine learning technology that highlights key trends in our data.

Having recently raised our Series B investment led by Lakestar, Streetbees’ partners with world leading brands across the FMCG, Media and Entertainment, Retail & Insurance sectors and our clients include Unilever, PepsiCo, Sony Pictures, Carlsberg, Santander, Ikea, Vodafone and L’Oreal.

We are looking for several exceptional Applied ML Scientists as we are now in the beta testing stage of our next generation product range. These include, amongst others, DOT (Dynamic Open Text), which is a search and analytics engine for the offline human world. To achieve our aims, we need the best talent in machine learning, language processing and data science.


You will be contributing to the design and development of market-leading, proprietary machine learning systems.

  • This role covers a range of responsibilities from applied research to Python engineering. It’s possible that you have a particular strength in one of these, and that’s fine. But we are looking for people who are looking to become stronger both as ML scientists and as engineers.
  • A PhD/MSc degree in a quantitative discipline (computer science, machine learning, physics, mathematics, …) as well as experience in commercial machine learning roles
  • Knowledge of NLP, and in particular, techniques in language processing from the deep learning practice and theory
  • Knowledge of, or an interest in, time-series analysis, topic drift, knowledge graphs, time-varying /graphs networks, graph neural networks, generative modelling or machine vision.


Applied ML Scientists, at Streetbees, sit somewhere on a skill-set triangle with three vertices:

  1. ML Engineering
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. STEM excellence

This role is skewed towards scientific rigour, and NLP experience.

Knowledge of some of the skills below will be a benefit – the more the better. But you are not expected to have experience in all of these, and you will have a chance to deepen your knowledge of them in the role.

  • Machine learning
    • The core data science stack: Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Sklearn. Clustering techniques, e.g. HDBSCAN
    • Deep learning: distributed embedding techniques (and their limitations), transformer models, mainstream computational graph libraries (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras…), model marketplaces (Tfhub, Huggingface, …)
    • ML system architecture: including evaluation design, metric choice, etc, and an awareness of computing and infrastructure constraints on production systems
    • Natural language processing: common techniques from classical NLP (e.g. BoW models, tf-idf, topic modelling), as well as state-of-the-art systems
    • It will be a bonus if you have an interest in any (or many) of the following: knowledge graphs, graph neural networks, social network analysis, ontology modelling, time-series analysis
  • Engineering
    • Software engineering principles: modular and testable code, and an enthusiasm for documenting your work
    • Application development in Python: for example Pytest/Unittest, Flask
    • Application development environment: for example Git, Bash, CI/CD, AWS
    • Experience of (or willingness to learn) advanced topics in Python engineering: for example
    • Cython


At Streetbees, your company benefits will include:

  1. A 24-day paid holiday allowance with the option to rollover up to 3 days per year
    Option to choose between a Macbook or a PC (we will send this out to via courier a few days before you join!)
  2. Flexible working hours – we trust people to manage their time and to focus on wider results; We now operate on a rota basis so people have access to the office when they desire some social interaction with their team or, simply, a break from home. We have taken every precaution to keep COVID-19 secure. The health and safety of our team is of the utmost importance.
  3. A pension scheme – our new pension scheme means that Streetbees will start paying a percentage of your salary towards your pension.
  4. The Streetbees Lifestyle Committee – any employee will have the opportunity to plan and manage a variety of Streetbees funded socials and activities for the team. Socials and day outs can involve anything from rock climbing or bowling to company meals or pub crawls.
  5. Friday Lunch – We all come together for lunch every Friday with a different cuisine each week, paid by the company. Vegetarian and vegan options always provided.
  6. Office Food – Breakfast is on us every morning and if you need a coffee or a snack at any point throughout the day, please be our guest.
  7. Friday Catch-ups – Beers, wine, soft drinks and snacks provided as we celebrate the week’s successes and welcome newcomers.
  8. Paid volunteering days – one day per quarter with a registered charity of your choice.
  9. Audible subscriptions – the company is more than happy to pay for audio-books subscriptions of your choice on Amazon as we encourage wider and continued learning among our team.
  10. Cycle to Work Scheme
  11. Yoga – We have Yoga every Tuesday at 6:30pm , both in the office and live on Zoom so you can join in anywhere you like.
  12. Free drinks in the office!

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