Electronics Engineer

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We are an Earth imaging start-up developing self-aligning unfolding space telescopes in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. Our technology enables us to fit big telescopes in small satellites such as CubeSats; providing Earth imagery with unprecedented detail daily.

Applications are invited for an electronics engineer to join a small enthusiastic team to develop actuator drives, controls systems and image capture systems for a proof of concept unfolding CubeSat space telescope for Earth Observation applications.

The position, which is supported by funding from the UK Space Agency (UKSA), will be full time (40 hours per week) for the period Nov 16th 2020 to March 31st 2021. The successful candidate will be an experienced electronic engineer with in-depth knowledge of electronic engineering techniques and methods. This pathfinder project has the opportunity to become a fully implemented UKSA-funded CubeSat mission to tackle climate change.

Responsibilities will include:

  • designing, implementing and testing of printed circuit boards to support the project with a particular focus on drive electronics for nano-precision actuators, image capture systems and miniaturised computers to implement closed-loop control systems.
  • taking functional specifications from other team members and turning them into detailed designs.
  • contributing their own conceptual ideas.
  • procuring PCBs and components and assembling them into fully-functioning electronic modules.
  • leading the integration of of the electronics in to the prototype designs.

S4 is an early-stage start-up company based in Cambridge developing innovative optical solutions for satellites. S4 is an equal opportunity employer.

When applying, send a cover letter and CV.

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