Data Scientist / Applied Scientist

Company Details

Bring transparency to Nature-based Solutions

We aim to promote sustainable natural resources management by providing carbon accounting solution.

With this carbon accounting solution, we make the process and outcome of nature conservation project transparent and establish a mechanism to circulate corporate funds to nature conservation projects.

Job description

Your responsibilities include:

  • Research and development for forest carbon estimation from satellite imagery and other information sources, as well as algorithms for new products currently in progress.
  • Design of field surveys for each project from a statistical point of view.
  • Uncertainty assessment of estimation results based on field surveys and allometric equations.
  • Design and development of web applications related to the above

Ideal candidate profile

  • Being passionate about staying on top of cutting-edge technology trends on a daily basis and using those to create better products.
  • Able to read scientific and technical papers routinely and critically, and reproduce and implement those papers.
  • Able to express his/her knowledge in words and share with members on a daily basis.
    (Senior level or above) Able to take the initiative in designing product roadmap, taking into account trends in the carbon market.


Essential qualifications

  • Understanding of the theory and practical experience in satellite image analysis (Experience in analyzing satellite imagery such as optical, SAR, LiDAR, hyperspectral, or similar areas)
  • Theoretical understanding of statistics and computer vision
  • Experience in data analytics and web application development using cloud services (GCP, AWS, etc.)
  • English proficiency (At a minimum, you should be able to read English documents, especially scientific and technical papers.
  • There will also be opportunities to write for English journals and discuss with overseas research institutions and researchers.) [for Applied Scientists only] Master’s degree (preferably PhD) in the following (or similar) fields of expertise (computer vision, optical/microwave remote sensing, forest vegetation, environmental economics)

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience in GHG emission estimation and observation of biodiversity in forests, peatlands and rice paddies. (Knowledge and research experience in the following topics:)estimating above-ground biomass of forests and peatland condition
    satellite missions and sensors (such as GEDI, PALSAR, MOLI, HISUI, GRACE)
    crop models (such as DNDC)
  • Experience in geospatial information processing (Experience with raster/vector data processing using GDAL, QGIS, ArcGIS, postGIS, etc.)
  • Experience with Python-based web frameworks (Experience with Dash, etc.)
  • Experience with distributed processing and high-performance computational processing using GPUs (Experience with RAPIDS, Dask, Vaex, etc.)
  • Experience in stochastic programming and spatio-temporal modeling (Experience using Stan, PyMC3, Pyro, etc.)
  • Experience in competitive programming such as AtCoder (At least AtCoder “light blue” equivalent)
  • Experience with javascript-based visualization of geographic information

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