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Thermo-Fluidic AIT Test Engineer


  • Preparation and execution of integration and testing activities in accordance with the applicable documentation and by using PC based visualization programs.
  • Execution of manual integration, set-up, handling and testing activities on fluidic components of Satellites or Space Products.
  • Identification and preparation of necessary activities for integration and set-up preparation
  • Utilization of the necessary Fluidic Ground Support Equipment, Leakage detectors, pressure sensors, in general all fluidic instrumentation and tools.
  • Preparation of AIT documentation (Work Items, Procedures, Reports)

Foreseen mission site:

  • Any Thales Alenia Space location in Italy and abroad
  • Environmental Test Facilities in Italy and abroad in Europe and U.S.A.
  • Launch site facilities abroad (Russia, South America and U.S.A.)

Required Skill

  • Education : technical engineering degree or technical high school graduation is an asset
  • Inspector for leakage detection level 2
  • Experience : previous experience in aeronautical/aerospace company is an asset is also welcomed experience in testing.
  • Good English (written and spoken)
  • Knowledge of fluidic modelization and/or calculation is an asset, but not a must

Required Attitudes

  • Attitudes to work in team environment
  • Attitude to withstand stressed environment
  • Availability to work in various location and environment (long period missions)
  • No special constraints to work overtime, if required
  • Ability/attitude for “manual” work (Integration and testing set-up preparation)
  • Interest in being involved in various and challenging duties.

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