Post-Doctoral Researcher in GNSS tracking algorithms

  • Full Time
  • Posted 5 months ago
  • Strong background in GNSS receiver front end and backend signal processing, Excellent knowledge of navigation system theory and GNSS receiver design technologies , MATLAB programming skills , Programing skills, relating to embedded real time systems (C,C++ VHDL is a bonus)

The candidate is expected to perform research related to GNSS signal processing tracking techniques, which will involve several phases as follows:

  • Definition of BOC, ALTBOC and Metasignal tracking techniques
  • Theoretical derivation of the ALTBOC Metasignal spectrum
  • Definition and development of tracking processing of the BOC and ALTBOC signals for validation of NSSTC GNSSaS Stage 1 Technology Demonstrator satellite.
  • Optimization / modification of the developed signal processing for robust tracking robustness that is necessary to process a GNSS signal received from a low Earth Orbit satellite, which has high Doppler dynamic. Pseudorange and carrier phase measurements shall be demonstrated to be produced with a high availability and very low cycle slip rates.
  • Validation of the optimized tracking algorithms on the signal samplings recorded in the laboratory, starting with a comparison of the digitized and theoretical BOC and ALTBOC Metasignal spectra.
  • Optionally, early tracking processing of digitized “GNSSaS-Stage1” signals received from space will be made if the related recordings are available in time.
  • Disseminate results via peer-reviewed journals.
  • Maintain the GNSS ground station signal analysis station
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