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Trillium Technologies is a social enterprise with a dedicated team of project leads, ML and data engineers and designers, aiming to develop technology platforms that tackle grand challenges.

About the role

Trillium Technologies is looking for an accomplished project manager to join our global team.  The individual must have a learning ethic at heart to always allow themselves to push the boundaries and explore new innovative ways as part of their role to continue to deliver world-class programs.

Your role will manage our multi-stakeholder programs, working with experts in artificial intelligence and the space sciences and producing world-class results for the benefit of humankind.  We are looking for someone with a passion for organizing and delivering projects and that has a natural ability to maintain and deepen relationships with everyone from suppliers and researchers to senior C suite stakeholders.

The role includes both activities which are supported by well documented guidelines, timelines and supporting documents developed over the last seven years of operations and the development of new materials and guidelines, activity planning, budgeting and processes for the newer programs.  This role will be supported by the London team with experience managing and delivering our programs.

What you will do

  • Lead exciting research and deployment programs in AI, space and climate science and medicine

  • Contribute business acumen and insight to the leadership team

  • Ensure all activities and operations comply with internal and legal policies/guidelines

  • Plan and develop all aspects of projects from inception to execution

  • Monitor progress and deadlines ensuring smooth functioning of projects, solving issues that arise along the way

  • Tell our success stories and articulate our ambitions through content and communications with the support of our design and UX team

  • Cherish, maintain and extend our well established community of partners, academics and stakeholders

  • Manage and grow the team and beyond

Project management

The project manager plays a vital role in helping turn ideas into products and services and must be comfortable and experienced in translating brainstorming and strategy into concrete plans and delivery. This individual will deliver the established FDL program from challenge development and selection, researcher recruitment, interviews and selection, facilitate the 8 week sprint and support partners and researchers through workshops and conferences after the sprint.  The project manager will support the team in the development of new programs as well as scaling and commercializing already piloted offers.

Content creation and communication

In this role, there will be times when you will need to provide technical copy – generating content for grant applications, publication submissions, competitions, presentations and marketing and PR. This may include web copy, social media campaigns, summaries and presentations. You will also be comfortable writing summarized technical material and briefing materials for contributors, new stakeholders and partners. You may be asked to support partners in production of their own communication materials including brainstorming new ideas, executing deliverables for our partners (everything from writing a tweet to reviewing/writing press releases or developing talking points for speakers, etc). Facilitation and presentation experience will also be helpful.

Extending and supporting partners, stakeholders and faculty

The right person for this role will be proactive and comfortable working with multiple stakeholders – including ESA, NASA, Google Cloud, and other leaders in AI and our faculty of research leads/mentors and researchers.

This includes managing and monitoring application marketing, process and selection for researchers and leads. Including:

  • Marketing schedule and content for researcher and mentor applications

  • Dealing with a range of enquiries from applicants

  • Designing and delivering the recruitment and selection of top class PhD and Post-Doc researchers

  • Delivering ‘on boarding’ process for successful applicants

For senior partners and stakeholders this role includes:

  • Deliver an excellent level of client relationship management

  • Contributing to finding new program partners for FDL

  • Keeping track of partner requirements (interviews dates, features in articles, copy requests)

Managing and delivering logistics and operations

The role supports and manages all the logistics and operations that come with running programs and driving world-class research results. This means balancing conceptually sophisticated research questions and needs, with a deep sensitivity and appreciation of how to get the best from people under pressure and a critical eye for detail and needs. There will also be a logistical component to this role supporting everything from gitlab/github account management to onsite logistics.

This includes:

  • Planning and monitoring FDL lead in and delivery schedule/calendar

  • Contributing to the creation of program timetable including organizing and finding speakers, planning and coordinating kick off weeks, research working periods and final presentations and events.

  • Developing speaker/contributor/mentor briefings and managing contributor relationships
    Keeping track of budget and spend

Being a team player

You will be working remotely with the HR & Operations Director, FDL’s Founder James Parr and supported by our team in London. We have a fairly flat structure and in a small organization, everyone has learned to be self sufficient while leaning upon the strengths and abilities of particular team members.  We are looking for someone who thrives no matter how big or small the task but a sheer determination to get the job done to the best of their ability.

Your Profile & Skills:

  • You will be an experienced project manager, ideally with design or systems thinking and facilitation experience and an understanding of how to get the best out of teams

  • You are a confident individual with client/stakeholder management, liaison and/or consultancy experience.

  • You have event, research or business support programming, production and facilitation experience.

  • You are extremely organized with a natural aptitude for problem solving while coordinating multiple agendas.

  • You flourish in fast paced and changing environments, requiring multitasking, and quick problem solving on the fly.

  • An excellent team player with good communication skills.

  • You have excellent writing skills that you like to tailor to various styles and functions.

  • You have an undergraduate degree related to artificial intelligence or space sciences, robotics, business or other related fields and may already have a postgraduate degree.

  • You have experience of working virtually and/or experience of working with virtual teams across multiple time zones.

  • It is essential you are fluent in English, and any additional languages are welcome.

  • Knowledge of the space industry / or familiarity with the working practices of tech companies, government agencies and academia is beneficial, but not essential.

  • The right to live and work in the UK

    How to apply: If you are interested in applying for a role with Trillium, please send your CV and cover letter.  Your cover letter should summarize your experience and skills in the areas we are looking for, organized under the sub-headings included in the role description and illustrated with specific examples.



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