Product Development Manager

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Solve the Bottleneck of Telecommunication with Optical Link

Unlock the Potential of Satellite Data by Utilizing the Optical Network

We provide the earth observation satellite operators with inter-satellite optical communication service. Once they install the optical terminal on their satellites, they can downlink the earth observation data to the ground at any time.

We provide the LEO sat operators with our optical terminal at the developing phase. After launch, earth observation satellites can send the data to our relay satellites, orbiting MEO.

  • Product Development of Ground Segment System that provide our Optical data relay system service that will be deployed in MEO.
  • Cooperate with Warpspace System Manager to lead the develop of our service that meets clients’(EO industry and government) needs.
  • Lead product development as a person responsible for with communicating and negotiating with other internal divisions (system and satellite development, sales, and others).
  • Complete tasks with multicultural members.
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