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Autonomous Space Operations

​VisionSpace Technologies is a dynamic and experienced consulting, technology and engineering service business which develops and integrates enterprise-level solutions for Space and Defense. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals focused on delivering smart and reliable solutions in the fields of Aerospace, Cyber Security, Automated Systems and Machine Learning.

We are looking for a Ground Segment Engineer to join our consultancy department, taking the lead on the major projects and activities.


Activities of the Technical Director include the following tasks:

  • Intellectual Property Rights management for customer products;
  • Deployment of ESOC’s ground systems (specially the legacy ones) and development of Chef configuration recipes to aid in such processes;
  • Maintenance of GSRF environment (physical and virtualised), e.g. by applying OS/baseline patches manually or via Chef recipes;
  • Support investigation & troubleshoot of complex issues (mainly related to mission control system tickets).
  • Backup tasks (essentially EGOS-CC)
  • Support OPS validation team in execution and preparation of test campaigns (this includes: production of test artifacts, tailoring of cdm, creation of auxiliary scripts, e.g. to perform offline tests that are not feasible via user interface and coordination with IT to create a suitable test environment);
  • Bridge between the developers and OPS – challenging, given that the user “language” is the legacy S2K based systems (they expect it to work the same way);
  • Understand and investigate observations raised by users and traduce into Jira tickets (SCR’s or SPR’s); follow-up ticket life cycle;
  • Contribute to CCB/SRB;
  • Integrate patches to EGS-CC components into MCS-CC, code review, system testing (automated &manual), creation of release candidates (iterate with developers in case the patch does not work as expected or introduces a software regression).

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field;
  • Programming languages: Java, Groovy, Ruby and Bash;
  • Experience working with Chef;
  • Agile methodologies (Scrum) and ESA’s IV&V processes;
  • Knowledge of Java design patterns;
  • Familiar with service and component based architectures, in particular, OSGi and its implementations : equinox (eclipse user interfaces) and apache felix/service mix/karaf (back-end);
    UML, EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework);
  • Databases: postgres, hbase;
  • CCSDS and ECSS, mainly ECSS-E-ST-40C and ECSS-E-70-41A/C  (PUS);
  • Jira, Jenkins, nexus, gitlab, maven, zypper/yast, docker/orchestration, activemq, zookeeper, karaf; Suse Linux/SLES and windows

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