Satellite Ground System Engineer

  • Contract
  • Posted 2 months ago
  • Salary: $54,000~$73,000
  • Migration and VISA are required.

Company Details

WARPSPACE Inc. Distribution Discard Favorite WarpSpace develops an inter-satellite optical communication service, named "WarpHub InterSat" which enables LEO satellite operators to communicate with their satellites at any time, anywhere.


The Space, it’s always dark and unknown place for mankind yet mysterious. The era, when space used to be a place we yearned for has gone, and all we have the opportunity to reach out the stars.

Space travel, Transportation, Mining, any kind of activities and business will be common thing, and it’ll exponentially expand our boundaries. WARPSPACE will contribute to the sustainable prosperity and maturity of human activities on Earth, by building the optical inter satellite telecommunication system, called “WarpHub InterSat” using small sat. The words. “Half Hearted Compromise” doesn’t exist in our dictionary. At all time, we shall aim for the top of the Industry and keep bringing innovations to the market.

The Role

You’ll be responsible for the development of the backend for the ground system which operates the MEO relay satellite of WarbHub InterSat. Basic design, launch, and operations will be the scope of responsibility.

  1. Moving to Japan is required.
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