Director of Government Relations

  • Part Time
  • USA
  • Posted 4 months ago
  • Salary: $73,000~$90,000 (6M~10M Japanese Yen)
  • US citizen (Green Card holder),

Company Details

Japanese space startup developing inter-satellite link service


We are looking for the person who is in charge of Government Relations in Washington D.C, more particularly, the following activities are expected.

Scope of responsibilities

  1. To build a relationship with the U.S Government organizations to promote our services.
  2. To lead sales activities for U.S based enterprises.
  3. To manage and run the branch including HR functions.


  1. Deep knowledge of the space sector, especially in earth observation and satellite communications business.
  2. Experience of working with the U.S Government or military (more than 10 years).
  3. Experience of managing projects (more than 10 members).
  4. US citizen (Green Card holder)


  1. Experience of B to B and B to G sales.
  2. Experience of U.S. Space Force or DoD, DoS, DARPA, and/or SDA (Space Development Agency).
  3. Fluent in JP


  1. Part-time or contract basis(2-3 days/w)
  2. Salary range 600K-1M JPY
  3. Work in Washington D.C.

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