“The only way to go past the possible, is to go beyond them into the impossible.” -Arthur C. Clarke

Governmental agencies and private companies currently dominate the SPACE INDUSTRY. With plans for funding of the International Space Station to discontinue, it is important to focus on researching the ability to further the foundations for living in space for centuries to come.

To increase access to space, the opportunity must be open to academia. The ability for faculty and university students to do their own research in space.

Universities have existed for over a thousand years. The oldest University is the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. There are over 20,000 universities that exist in the world today. How many universities will exist off the planet?

One university with a mission to one day become a space based campus is the International Space University (ISU). ISU has been around for over 35+ years and the time has come to help the institution move onto it’s third stage.

The International Space University has the expertise, the faculty, the resources, and the network.  All it needs is funding to make the third stage of ISU in space a reality.

The plan is to unite ISU students, alumni, faculty, sponsors and affiliates for the dream of ISU in Space. To recruit team leads to gather like-minded individuals to create events and activities that will increase awareness and progress in the initiative. Creativity is encouraged. Submissions of art and music and dance are also invited because in order to open up the High Frontier, it must include more subjects than STE(A)M. Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics. It requires people from different disciplines to work together to further this evolving space society.

ISU students, alumni, faculty, sponsors, affiliates, friends and futurists are welcome to share their stories of ISU and and the ideas for a space based campus to an upcoming podcast.

Policy changes around the globe must also work towards this initiative. For it will give access to all the nations around the world the opportunity to study and research in space. Policies must reflect an increase of aerospace education in primary and secondary schools. Because preparing our youth to enter the workforce in the space economy requires early learning and understanding the history of such a growing economy began over 100 years ago. It’s not just about being a global citizen, we have humans living off globe on a space station and in the future on the moon and mars. We are a part of a universe, so let’s start acting like we are a part of it.

Sign the petition at change.org to Stand Up for Space Education, for Higher Education in the High Frontier and to increase aerospace education in schools worldwide. We must be the change we wish to see in the universe.

For further information on this initiative got to:  Campaign for the First University in Space

Together we will increase access to space, peace and prosperity among all nations.

Ad Astra,

Yvonne Mayfield

Email ideas, questions, comments, stories to universityinspace@gmail.com

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